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About central hacker

We are a professional hackers team. Our main Intention is to provide fast, secure and guaranted professional hacking services. Our Hacker for hire team is #1 in the world!

100% Guarantee

If you want to hire a hacker with 100% of guarantee of success, look nowhere else but central hacker.

Easy Refund

You never need to be scared of lossing your money. Not satisfied with our services? Well, We will refund you!


7+ Years of experience in providing hacking service made us exceptional hacker for hire team and more than 40000+ Clients!

Serious Hackers for Hire!

Our Hackers for hire team not here to play game, we are not skiddy. We are professional hacker team!

  • We give you full support whenever need! We understand delivering services is not enough!
  • More than 3000 professional hackers made our team stronger than others. We did not fill our team with garbage or skidddy hackers.
  • Our hackers for hire team is 24x7 active to handle the traffic and valuable clients.
  • Best hacking services for affordable price. Everything is 100% secure,safe and anonymouse!
  • We are reliable,secure and fast. We offer you 100% guarantee of success. If anything goes wrong, we give you refund without any questions!








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We offer 100% guaranteed Hacking Services. If unsuccessful refunded, No Questions asked!

Facebook Account Hacking

More than 2 Billion peoples use Facebook. It is now important meeting place for these peoples. Want to hack Facebook? We require email or facebook ID to hack the account.

Email Account Hacking

Our professional hackers team can hack almost any email accounts. Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail within 5 days! Hack any accounts! Hire a professonal email hacker!

SmartPhone Hacking

Our professional central hacker team offering two type of phone hacking service, Android and iOS. Our Hackers can hack any smartphone within 7 days remotely!

Computer Hacking

If you need to control a PC then this is the hacking service you need. Take control of your victim server system or the personal computer!

Website Hacking

Our hackers for hire team highly skilled in website or database hacking. Hire a hacker for website or database hacking.

Reputation Management

Someone harrasing you online? No problem! Our hacker for hire team can take care of it. We can remove any Link,comments posted against you!

Professional Hackers For Hire!

We offer wide range of hacking service. Want to hire a real hacker?


Want to hire a hacker to spy your target android or iphone? Here is the best phone hacker features!


It Monitors incoming or Outgoing calls,Messages. Even All calls can be recorded for later reviewing! Phone hacker for hire!

Location Tracking

Our Mobile spy software can track exact location accurately. You can view location from your phone from anywhere!

All Version Supported

No matter if your target phone is old or even latest. Our Phone Spy Hacker work on any version of android or iPhone!

Web based CP

We have coded our own web based control panel where you can monitor the phone regularly. No Technical knowledge required.

Fully Undetected

This is undetected phone spy. Say Antivrus or the Victim , It is undected to anything. So monitor as long as you want!

Remote Installation

This do not require physically access the phone. You can install it remotely and get result instantly! Hire a Hacker now!

File Browsing

Our phone hacker can browse internal and external storage. Download,upload or execute any file or application!

Powerful Keylogger

The phone hacker can spy anything typed by the victim. It can steal any account password that used in the phone!

Phone Hacking Central hacker

Remote pc Monitoring

This tool coded by our professional hacker team for ethical purpose. We install it remotely. Fully undetected and stealth!

computer hacking rat

Full Access

With this tool get full access to any pc and record everything. There is no limitation feature for this one!

No Limit

Install as much as you want. There are powerfull management option!


It is fully undetected. Bypass any antivirus. And make it your main hacking tool!


Remotely install and unstallation. Simple but very powerful!

System command

We can execute any system command with this tool! Even the Powershell!

Native code

The rat is coded in c++. So no dependency is required. Only 56 KB of size with powerful options!

Fun section!

Do some fun thing in remote computer , such as eject CD, lock computer etc.

Remote Desktop

Our some clients require full remote desktop. So remotely activate remote desktop!


Do you have a questions before hire a hacker? If you can not find the answer here, do not hesitate to contact us!

For hacking related payment bitcoin is always best. Because this 100% anonymous. That is why we currently only bitcoin for the payment. If you do not know how to buy bitcoin, Watch the video:
On Youtube!
We are sorry to say we can not hack for you for free. And the cost depend what services you want. Please contact us for details!
Trusting someone from Internet is hard but still we need to trust. Because we need something done. There are lots of peoples buying services in Internet and paying millions of dollar. So business is business. If you have any question you can let us know.
If you don't trust us then how do you trust them? There are many hacker for hire company. Some company think us their compititor as we provide very real services and taking their business down automatically. So they are trying to destroy our reputation. We are the only company who gurantee 100% refund. Then why there should be scam report? Common sense!
We are standalone company. Why should we trust someone? Also if you don't trust us then why you have to someone else? Remember, We don't work with any third parties!
After you place an order we need to 3-5 days to complete the job. Same timeframe for Yahoo,Gmail,Hotmail,Corporate email hacking,facebook,twitter,linkedin.
Depend what you require. But usually we need 3-10 days.
Not always. For trusted peoples we might work first. But still sometime we require half in advance. Because we have a starting cost. Advanced payment is bridge to build the trust too. So there is chanch we will ask for half in advance. If we can not do our job then we guarantee you 100% refund. We do not take your money and stop replying. Your money is 100% safe here.
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